Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Your Pet

There could be nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your pets suffer. As days pass by there has been an increased amount of cancer being scanned in pet animals like cats and dogs, six million or more to be precise. However, thankfully as medicine advances so do the chances of saving our pets.  These days veterinarians can easily diagnose our pets and treat them before it’s too late.

The earlier you find out, The better! 

Pets are what we call, the most special members of the family. We advise you to be attentive when it comes to their health. If there is one disease that results in most cases of deaths in older cats and dogs, it’s pet cancer.

There is only one way you can protect them from this deadly disease is by detecting them early. A full check up once a year regardless of their age is a must. As for the older ones, A check-up every six months will do.

Compared to us, humans, animals age faster. Our one year will age them faster than we can comprehend.

How can I help my pet? 

Keeping an eye on them and observing each and every change they undergo, be it their appearance or behaviour will help.

Below you can find signs that can help you protect them from this deadly disease. If any of these signs relate to your pet, Book an appointment with your pet veterinarian and get them checked as soon as possible. Not every cancer is the same, Your pet can go from healthy to ill in no time since it depends on the type of cancer and it’s stage. So, the best precaution would be to get them checked.

When in doubt, get it checked out.

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